Video Surveillance

Info Vision always search for the surprising innovation, the path breaking step forward, the out of box answer that is the perfect security solution. We provide state-of-the-art security solutions to various industry verticals. Our Customers have the freedom to pick and choose combination of products and technologies, customized to their particular needs.
We complete range of solutions for a broad spectrum of industry segments and applications. Whether you need a few cameras, or a few thousand, our solutions are easy to install and easy to adapt to changing needs. We design security solutions for various industry verticals.

Video surveillance is a cost-effective way of increasing the level of safety and security within your production facility; whether it is a solar plant, an electrical substation or a waste management facility, we have suitable solution.

Are you looking for a way to improve the overall safety and security at your hospital or healthcare facility? And at the same time enable high-quality patient monitoring to increase the everyday efficiency? Our leading range of network video products has been successfully implemented at healthcare facilities around the world. They deliver high-quality images that reduce investigation times in case of incidents.
Providing a welcoming and safe environment for patients, staff and visitors while protecting millions of dollars in technology and equipment is a challenge. Keep your assets safe and your patients safer with the image detail and protection only Infovision can provide.

Especially for universal banks and savings banks reliable video surveillance systems are indispensable these days. Robberies, burglaries, cheque card fraud at ATMs or vandalism require swift reactions. Very often, video recordings are the only way to get on to the perpetrators.
Info vision provides “bank” comprises compact digital recording systems whose certifications and specific system parameters as well as the specifically designed software make them ideal for bank applications. The bank recording devices are highly stable and reliable devices. What characterises them in particular is the outstanding image quality and high operator convenience

Public safety and security is an important issue for governments at all levels. Both citizens and government officials wish for a daily life without having to face immediate threats and criminal actions. We offer IP video surveillance.

Network video is one of the most useful tools for fighting crime and protecting citizens, acting both to detect and deter. It creates a secure environment and can help first responders to pinpoint where is the need. Protecting and safeguarding citizens is an increasing issue for towns and cities. Many communities round the world are already using modern CCTV/IP video surveillance solutions. Their requirements are varied but are always aimed at achieving an extensive, tailor-made all-round solution to meet the highest quality and security requirements. Besides excellent picture quality and easy operation, the number one demand is for compatible and flexible system architecture to enable easy integration into existing security management systems.

Whether you run a single shop or a whole chain of malls, network video makes a noticeable improvement in your bottom line. Info vision Security System has revolutionized the way retail professionals work. Shoplifting and false liability claims add unnecessary costs to your bottom line. Keep retail shoppers safe and reduce vandalism. Control access to and monitor hallways, retail space and parking lots with infovision’s security solutions.

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Video Surveillance

Info Vision always search for the surprising innovation,…

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