Why should I choose Info vision for CCTV?

Info Vision is Qatar MOI-SSD approved security systems solution provider, Infovision is a team of highly skilled and renowned security professionals. Our technical team is the largest security consultancy within Qatar. We offer an unprecedented range of services and level of support.

How do I get MOI-SSD approval for CCTV systems?

Based on the type of business MOI-SSD specific requirements for the CCTV systems including storage capacity, UPS back up etc. Please contact us directly for more details.

What is the maximum distance of viewing an IP CCTV camera?

You can view the CCTV footage anywhere in the world if set up correctly. Anywhere you have internet access you can view and record IP cameras. For example if you have a home in another country, you can monitor your overseas home from Qatar.

What makes the network IP cameras different than an Analog video camera?

 Analog cameras connect to a video monitor or DVR using a coax cable connection, while IP cameras connect directly to the network using a RJ45 connector and have their own IP address. That means the camera has intelligence and can be shared by many PCs using web browser and the video recorded using video management software or NVR