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Info vision is a team of highly skilled and renowned security professionals. Our technical team is the largest security consultancy in Qatar. We offer an unprecedented…

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We made systems easier to install and to use, developed the industry's most reliable supervised wireless products and the most flexible hybrid control panels on the market. We are also at the forefront of advancements in IP surveillance systems providing customers the most advanced and compliant IP security solutions to keep pace with the latest industry standard.

Owing to our expertise in this domain, we have been engaged in offering CCTV Camera Installation Service. Our professionals are well-versed in the installation of CCTV cameras and can easily install camera as per the requirements of clients.



We are focusing mainly on innovating new items in security. TRELCO SECURITY is a global provider of security services and is known to the world for delivering scalable, robust, and cost-efficient solutions to its clients.

Our Featured Products

Centralized Security Management

It is a security integration platform, providing command and control of video, and intrusion devices from a single intuitive console.

CCTV over IP / CCTV 

It is a security integration platform, providing command and control of video, and intrusion devices from a single intuitive console.

Access Control Management

Rather than worry about retrieving keys from discharged employees or re-keying locks, simply delete their access privileges.  

Our hand-selected team is industry-leading professionals from a range of IT backgrounds. Our ongoing commitment to diversification ensures that no matter how unique your business or security requirements, our consultants will be able to meet your specific needs

 We help you to get best quality security equipment and services. 

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Info Vision always searches for the surprising innovation, the path breaking step forward, the out of box answer that is the perfect security solution. We provide state-of-the-art security solutions to various industry verticals. Our Customers have the freedom…

Video Surveillance

Data, voice, and video networks are the lifeblood of any organization. At Info Vision we believe a network is only as good as the infrastructure it’s built on. Whether you are building, relocating or upgrading, structured cabling is the foundation for…

Structured Cabling

Whether you are setting up a new enterprise or improving an existing business, it is essential that data management and data storage are given their due importance and have a high-quality infrastructure in place. Correctly designed, functional, and stable…

IT Support & Infrastructure Solution

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